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Target Shooting on PA Game Lands

I'm going to be up in the Poconos in a few weeks and was wondering if I could get away with some plinking on state game lands (provided I could find a safe area with a natural backstop). I went hiking in one last year about 5 miles from the nearest house and almost walked into a bear but I never saw any sign that humans had been in there at all during the summer months.

I'd like to shoot the .22 a bit and unload the 4 boxes of #6 birdshot that some the guy at the gunshop said would be "just fine" for skeet and that no range will let me use (My fault for not checking online first)

I'm not sure it's legal but a couple of old-timers said "bahh, go ahead and shoot" so I'm considering doing it as a side trip while I'm up there.

I'm probably not staying that far (30mi) from the SGL 127 range but the last thing I read about that place makes me feel like I would be safer NOT going there.
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