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There are other cartridges that are not as hard on a barrel that will still get you to 1,000 yds. 22-6mm, 6mm-06, 6.5-06, 280 Rem, 7mm STW, etc. Folk I know who shoot these cartridges have barrel life well into the 3,000 round neighborhood (except for the STW, at about 2,000). And they shoot faster and flatter than the 6.5-284.

The driving force behind the 6.5-284 was that it could be used in a shorter action, thereby increasing the rigidity of the platform. But to really be competitive at 1,000 yds, you need to shoot long, heavy bullets loaded with the base of the bullet at the base of the neck. In order to get maximum advantage from the round loaded in that way, you are right back to a long action. There are some very accurate F-class rifles chambered in 6.5-284, but there are also some very competitive shooters using 6mm BR, 22-250 AI, 6mm AI, and even 308 Win.
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