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First of all, welcome to TFL, JunyTuck!

Now, in order for your observation to have any merit, then you must know what private messages and warnings are issued by the moderators and to whom they are issued. I have a feeling you don't have that knowledge. Therefore, I have to ask how you came to the conclusion that more established members are given more slack than the member who joined only a week or two ago? If you are basing your observation on only one or two instances, that isn't a sufficient number to be called a pattern by any stretch of the imagination. For every instance you cite of an older member getting some slack, I can show you five instances where a "newbie" gets the same consideration.

It is practically impossible for the moderators to see everything that goes on in every single thread here. Therefore, one request all the moderators ask of the members of TFL is to help us out and report flagrantly bad posts by pressing the "Report this post" button ( ).

We don't take banning a member, any member, lightly. Unless the offense is obvious (spam, trolling, dual registration etc.), the necessity of a ban is discussed by the staff, often at length. This is where the established member might get some leeway. If a single incident of non-TFL behavior is weighed against years of good behavior, we would be remiss in not giving some weight to prior behavior and a good posting record.

Your implied suggestion that we keep our finger poised above the "ban button" will definitely not be accepted as a good suggestion.
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