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Just a newbie observation.

I'm new here after lurking for awhile. When I joined I read the forum rules and took them seriously. I hope my post's to date reflect that. My concern is that a number of member's continue to flaunt the rules of behavior or stay just on the edge avoiding censure. The Mod's do a very good job of stopping blatant violation's but it seems like some members ( especially with high thread counts) get a little more slack in pushing the envelope than others.
I like this forum alot and have learned a great deal, so I would hope that all members be treated as equals whether they have one post or 10,000! My hope is that this can be a forum for all levels of experience and not a domain for all the good 'ole boys that have the time to post often.
Seems like the " ban" button should be used more often than the "warning" one. Just an honest observation from a new respectful member.
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