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IDPA Classifier

I shot the IDPA Classifier at my club last Saturday.

I shot a Colt Combat Commander .45 Auto in CDP division and a Browning P-35 9mm Auto in ESP division.

The last few times I had fired the classifier, I had shot way too fast on Stage III and my score suffered greatly as a result. This time I slowed down, and had MUCH better hits. I only dropped 32 points for the whole match with the Colt and only 14 points for the whole match with the Browning HP.

My times weren't anything spectacular, so I'm firmly in the upper 1/3rd of "marksman" class in both divisions.

Both guns have new extractors since the last time I shot them competitively back in March. The Colt ran with nary a bobble. The Browning still had a couple of minor failure-to-extract malfunctions. I'm going to shoot it some more and see if the problem continues. The extractor looked okay when I inspected it, but maybe it needs to be replaced anyway . . .
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