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Glenn E. Meyer
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When does F.O.G come out?

Reading the letter column in the latest issue. I want to subscribe to FOG. I don't need articles about training regimes which would leave my almost 60 year old frame panting and whining in the gravel.

I need articles about what round will penetrate my ballistic gel belly armor. If I take Cialis, will it switch on during a IDPA match or deadly altercation and make me lightheaded.

So I'm reading the new issue and the wife sees the LaRue ad on the back with the panty girl on the back. Yes, it's about guns, dear!!

Why are you reading that?
Why it's a fine magazine.!
What kind of evil gun is that in the hands of that hussy?
Why it is like the one over there - remember that there has just be a mountain lion sighting near us. Remember after 9/11 you told me to get a better scope for it (now that was a shock to me).
Ok, Glenn - better not be a centerfold in the magazine. Clean the garage.
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