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I'm 6'5", 230 pounds, so I'm not quite as "bulky" as a few of you guys. I've carried for 35+ years, and since the year 'round average temp is 70 degrees (So Cal), it's about 10 months of either tee shirts or windbreakers.

Several years ago, I injured my right hand. I changed over to a "lefty", but didn't buy any left-handed holsters. Instead, the IWB holster was moved to the left side, with what you might think would be an awkward draw (butt-end toward the front). With practise, the awkwardness of the draw vanished.

You might want to try the re-positioning to the left side. With the butt facing forward, it sort of enhances weapon retention. Also, after my right hand had healed, I continued to carry the "righty" IWB on my left side, but practised a "lefty" draw to a "righty" presentation.
Works good for point-shooting AND two-handed grip, but it does take some practise before you get used to it.

As far as "printing" goes, experiment with your body posturing/stance. Also, get used to using your elbow and forearm to "correct" any printing that might happen. Add to that, elbow/forearm contact enhances weapon retention.

The only "drawback", per se, is that I no longer carry anything in my LEFT hand, just the right. The left is for the draw. Actually, the injury to my right hand was sort of a "blessing", for it prompted me to practise and become ambidextrous. What if YOU injure your shooting hand?
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