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Currently I am 6'3" and weigh 276 pounds altough I have recently lost 90 pounds. I think this gives me big man credentials to some degree. Not long ago, on somewhat of a lark, I tried a Smartcarry and have been more than just pleasantly surprised by its performance. It is comfortable, highly concealable, and maneuverable as well.

I carry a Ruger SP-101, two speed loaders, and a Vaquero Grande as you can see in the accompanying picture

Sorry, no on the body photo. My wife said if I posted one she would beat me to death with a stick.

I normally wear relaxed fit jeans and dress trousers with pleats and there is absolutely no printing. For this big man it has worked out exceedingly well. I suggest that you carry out a search or two and see what others are saying.


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