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I didn't know that !

I've seen a lot of references on the forum, as to pigs, and how they can multiply. I did a little research and found out some things I didn't know.

A female pig usually begins her heat cycle between 12 to 16 weeks of age and will go into heat approximately every 21 days. The gestation period of a female pig is three months, three weeks, and three days.

After giving birth, the female is ready to breed again, usually when the piglets are four weeks old.

So if a single pair of pigs have a litter in January of 7 piglets, and three of them are females, and they can breed in four months and have their litters by October, and the mother can have another litter by then, and they all have 7 piglets each, that figures out to You do the math!

This should give you some idea of why they are such a problem when left unchecked.

As far as being a dangerous animal, I found out, that a boar puts off a very strong odor when excited or when a female pig is in heat. Boars can often act like "walking harmones" interested only in eating and breeding. If they cannot find a female in heat, they will mount and attempt to mate with stationary objects such as a ball, large rocks, logs, blankets, and even their water bowl, or a HUMAN'S LEG. During the mateing process, boars can become very protective, aggressive, and possessive of the object they are mating with, so exercise extreme caution when dealing with these animals.

Female pigs can also become erratic during their heat cycle. Although some will become gentle and dosile, others will become very aggressive and tend to bite.

Most of my research came from a sight that is talking about farm raised domestic pigs, but I'm sure the same would hold true for a ferral hog.

Just thought some of you might like to know.

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