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Actually the method I described has been working out pretty well for me...last night at 2AM had to run to the store.

Had on some basketball shorts and tank top along with the cheapo gunbelt a little higher than my pants line, my sw40ve inside of a Bianchi IWB holster was invisible. It is a little hard to adjust the thin (1 1/2 inch) nylon belt to sit "just right" but I can now carry one of my much heavier weapons since this belt is not going to make my pants fall down and my jeans belt will actually provide a little more support.

I can adjust it's position by just sliding it around the hip when sitting and can "swing it" around for strong side carry while still in my car and it's also easier to draw as I don't have to pull from under a layer of clothing. I have tried it with the weapon tucked into my clothes or on top...

I'll also say that I always have on a "wife beater" or T-Shirt under my clothes so I'm not wearing this extra gunbelt on bare skin.

I guess we all have our methods, anyone with 9.00 to spare should try this out, I got the idea from looking at a CCW holster that is a separate belt that is worn under your jeans...the holster is located directly front & center. I was not comfortable thinking about anything pointed directly down in that position so I compromised and just bought a belt and played with positioning going for maximum concealability, reliability (belt wouldn't slide/move), and comfort. I was able to wear this belt/holster combo under my pants line so it's a "tuckable" method, for me anyways.

I'm so glad no one said anything about a fanny Have thought about a shoulder holster but was warned against, probably will pick one up for the winter though.
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