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Bussiness Expansions

I checked uppon the internet offer of automatic switchblade knifes from Europe, which took me on the followings:
1. Asian Sites: delivers most of the time only “clones” of the American automatic switchblade knifes, which doesn`t have the same quality, finishing, and price. Because the competition of the europpean and US companies are missing, there are only bad quality products on this market.

2. European sites; delivers unautomatic knifes, made in Europe, also copyes of the American knifes (folders, fixed blade knifes). Automatic knifes are made especially in Italy (Italian Stilettos) and Germany.

3. U.S. sites: delivers most of the automatic switchblade knifes on the U.S. market.Generaly they`re avoiding to deliver in Europe, because of the uncertainity of getting the money, because of the appereance of some custom problems and federal laws.Still in some cases are any exceptions, whom delivers on demand, ocasionaly whenever the client takes the risk in countries like Poland, Russia, Austrich, Finland, Lituany, Sweden.The producers prefers to work with companies more and authorized persons less.Some are chosing theyr personal representers (farward sellers), in Occidental Europe.They are using different payment systems including PayPal.

The reduced export of knifes in Europe it is determinated by custom and internal law, which is different from country to country. The export of the automatic knifes from U.S.A. to U.E countries it`s favorable, because the products circulate inside the community without being customized. The U.E. countries are :
Austria,Belgia,Danemarca,Finlanda,Franţa,Germania,Grecia,Irlanda,Italia,LuxemburgPortugalia,Ţările de Jos,Regatul Unit,Spania,Suedia,Bulgaria,Cipru,Estonia,Letonia,Lituania,Malta,Polonia,Republica Cehă,România,Slovacia,Slovenia,Ungaria.
If one of these countries, with a easy law, has a zone representant, he can deliver those products in the whole UE countries, without having custom problems.
In Europe there are many bad quality knifes on market, copied after American models, especially made in Asia. There aren`t products of medium or superior quality, with a nominal value between 30-1000$.
I think it is necessary a zonal dealer which can get orders for delivered USA and European automatic switchblade knifes . There are some represents in Europe, but only for European and Asian unautomatic switchblade knifes.
My message is not a SPAM. It represents an idea of makeing business in Europe,with minimum investment, maximum benefit and a secure market.
It's a pity that an important source of making real money it's ignored by the manufacturers and American merchants, respective the export of switchblades,folding knives,pocket knives,fixed blades,or automatic knives in Europe, in specially in UE coutries. This export can be very profitable and destinated only to authorized persons or collectors. It's an comercial subject of general discution, wich can be on your site without to counter the legal standardize, with effects about of european costumers and american producers.

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