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CCW Tactics for a big man


I've been reading posts in this forum for a few months and decided to hop in and participate as I can. I've been carrying concealed for a few months (legally) and am probably still paranoid about printing and weapon retention.

I'm 6'4" and about 300 pounds (probably a few more than that), big guy with a big frame. I do not wear tight clothes or excessively baggy clothes...

I have two weapons I carry, a sw40ve and a Bersa Thunder .380, I have other weapons but they're a bit big and heavy for my liking...and I shoot those two more than the others...

I found out really quickly that OWB carry in a Fobus or belt holster didnt go over too well unless I have on a jacket, I live in TX so the coat comes out of the closet for roughly three months out of the year. SO, I have a couple of Bianchi IWB holsters, one for each weapon I carry, the .380 is comfortable enough to carry strongside (behind the hip) or crossdraw(in front of the hip). The .40 is more comfortably worn on the side BUT it prints.

My solution was to get a cheapo gun belt from midway (nylon) and wear it either slightly above or below the beltline of my jeans...this way I can maneuver the weapon into any position depending on if I'm sitting, standing, walking fairly discreetly.

Any other big fellas try something like this or found a more comfortable way to carry concealed? By comfortable I mean you can tolerate the discomfort for 8-12 hours...
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