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Pat, I received the latest issue in the mail this afternoon, and I just finished reading Jim's article. I am suprised to say the least.

First off, my thanks to Jim Zumbo for making a mistake, being man enough to admit it, and then doing something to correct it. Well done, sir. Everyone on earth screws up, but very few people anymore will admit to it, much less work their butts off to change things for the better. Funny how life can change so fast, and how so called friends can change even faster. I'm sorry that these things happened to you, and I hope that much success will come your way in spite of all this desparity.

To Denny and Pat, my thanks to you guys for doing the right thing. I'm really at a loss for what to say here. I'm really impressed by the amount of decency and good will shown, and that in itself is sad in how rare it is to see someone stand by a guy that is not Mr. popularity.

To everyone that thinks that Jim Zumbo should be drawn and thankful that God gives second chances, and third and fourth and...because you will need them yourself, I promise.

There is hope after all...

Best regards,

Clayton Hufford
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