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Two things happen here, . . . you control him by making him move, . . . keeping him off balance to a certain degree. AND you buy time for the LEO's or other help to arrive.
Yes, but at the same time, you are off balance, moving, and are unlikely to be able to make the perfectly aimed shot when needed.

Besides, with the exception of dramatic fiction on TV, just how many times have you seen a bad guy with a hostage you can just circle at your whim?

A third thought also comes in, . . . three people are walking, hostage, bg, and good guy. No one can afford to look down to where their feet are going, . . . if it keeps up for any amount of time, . . . someone will trip and fall. Two out of three of them are the bg and the hostage, . . . allowing the good guy a good shot if he is ready for it.
So with 1/3 a chance that you go down and the bad guy then shoots you.
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