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if you want to see what happens when the off switch is hit watch this recent video of Darnell Wilson knocking out an opponent.

we have all seen when the lights dont completely go out and the person is fighting to avoid shutting down. this is the danger of a misplaced head shot.

when the off switch isnt instantly hit the shootee can still kill up untill he goes under.

a round to the medulla oblongata will have the effect the knockout punch did in the video. but not all head shots or brain trauma will have the same effect. like i have explained when the off switch is hit or like trauma occurs to the brain there is no spasms no clenching of the hands nothing but complete and instantaneous limpness and they cannot accidentally or purposefully cut a throat or pull a trigger. im not saying the trigger wont be pressed by the finger hitting something but that they couldn't press it even if they wanted to on purpose.
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