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To creek or not to creek!

Started preseason whitetail scouting for the year, this evening. Afterward I got to thinking, I live on a 100 acre farm, and have hunted here all my life. I've shot alot of nice deer, in open fields, and in hardwoods. In 1994 my grandfather had the land logged. Now I have alot of thick underbrush lining my creek banks. Well since the logging, I have had to change my hunting strategies a bit. Well there is one huge buck I have been tracking for about 4 years now, and he likes the thick stuff. I have tried drawing him out of it, tried running him out and still nothing. I notice this one path he uses by the large amount of sign, along the way. He crosses the creek in this area alot. Way too thick to set up in. So here is my question. Is it possible to set up in the creek and ambush him when he crosses, or could he be using the creek in a means to travel undetected, the water washing his tracks away? Is this at all posibile? Have any of you ever done this before or am I just crazy?
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