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Take the shot. If you have the ability. All of this speculation on what will happen is immaterial. The odds are just as good that the BG will not be able to complete his action as he will.
Then why would your default be to take the shot? Given that you are postulating a 50% chane of failure in your actions, why go to that action if there are alternatives?
The reason that police don't shoot is because they control the situation.
No, the reason police don't shoot is that it is rarely necessary to do so, and the odds of success are fairly low.
The odds are in your favor that taking the shot will end the situation. They are not in your favor that the hostage taker will spare the hostage's life.
I'd love to see something that supports either of those conclusions, as they both contradict virtually everything I have seen, been taught, and found in my research, particularly the latter.
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