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Well I'm glad to read that most of the responces have agreed that it was an unethical shot.

I love to hunt and kill animals. But it tears me up to see an animal suffer. I feel animals deserve a quick and humane death. There is no reason to make an animal suffer. And I believe this could have easily ended up in a suffering, for who knows how long, elk.

I'm probably the most descriminitory person you'll ever meet about believing things you see on the television. But the camerman was directly behind the boy and elk, and the elk appeard to be WAY out there. Then the camerman started zooming and the boy shot. The first shot went right under the gut. Second shot nailed him.

Maybe the person declaring rifle chambering was wrong? And maybe the editors didn't catch the mistake? Anyway, maybe someone can dig up a video of this. I can't as I live way out here in the boon docks and I am limited to dial up.

But I would love for someone to post a link to the video of this and then hear what people think. Let me go try to find something.
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