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One of the best tactics I have heard for this situation (IF it can be employed) is to begin circling the bg and the hostage. Circle clockwise if the weapon is in his right hand, . . . opposite if in the left.

Two things happen here, . . . you control him by making him move, . . . keeping him off balance to a certain degree. AND you buy time for the LEO's or other help to arrive.

A third thought also comes in, . . . three people are walking, hostage, bg, and good guy. No one can afford to look down to where their feet are going, . . . if it keeps up for any amount of time, . . . someone will trip and fall. Two out of three of them are the bg and the hostage, . . . allowing the good guy a good shot if he is ready for it.

On a personal note, . . . if the slug has taken my son or my wife or anyone I love hostage, . . . and I have my weapon, . . . he will not leave with them. Period.

That is a decision I made a long time ago, . . . and I have not changed my mind on it. I'll take the first good shot I get, . . . if it is less than 25 feet, . . . I only need half his head, a shoulder, a knee, a hip, . . . 230 grains of lead making a .45 hole somewhere in his body, . . . might distract him enough that we can end this here, . . . now. If not, . . . then he will just plain have to shoot me.

I've got 9 rounds to throw at him, . . . and I'll have a reload in my off hand if I can, . . . he just may get tired of trying to duck all of them.

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