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Head Shots

Since we've had a couple of threads lately on getting shot in the head and hostage situations, there is a question I have and hopefully someone can help.

Touching on the hostage situation, let's say the BG has a knife to the victims throat or a gun to the head (cocked revolver or pistol, probably DA) and you decide to take the head shot. I know the BG falling backwards in the knife situation will have a stronger possibility of cutting the victims throat but hopefully not too severe as there will be less force involved. But with the gun scenario, will the shock to the nervous system cause enough momentary muscle spasm that the finger could still fire the weapon? I know it is less of a chance with a DA pistol as the trigger pull is heavier but what about a cocked revolver or SA only pistol as it requires less pull? What if he is already exerting pressure on the trigger prior to head shot?

Thanks for any input.
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