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One less Buck this year !

Seems that the Oklahoma Wildlife Department has decided that the best way to increase the Buck to Doe ratio, is to lower the bag limit this year, to two Bucks.

If you want to hunt the three seasons this year you will have to make your mind up early about which two you want to hunt. If you go out early, and take a buck with your bow, you will only be allowed to hunt one more buck in muzzleloader, and High powered rifle season.

With a 20 doe to 1 buck ratio in my area, it seems like a better idea, to raise the bag limit on does instead of leaving more inbred bucks to breed more of their sisters and mothers.

Doesn't REALLY bother me personally to much what they do, but some of the guys around these parts sure are upset about it.

Just wondered what you guys thought about this new law. Is it HURTING or HELPING ? What's your opinion.
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