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I have the older version of this camera which I believe WM now sells for about $99. It works great for animals that are not moving at speed if they are close. I agree with the ad, 30' tops. Not terribly simple to program. Perfect for a feeding station and pictures are crisp. I’ve yet to see the golf ball eye deal. Good starter camera especially if have bears in the area.

I think it also works better during cold weather but rechargeable batteries don’t seem to last as long in cold weather as the disposables. Still I use the rechargables for environmental reasons. In my experience the flash does not spook animals. Sensitivity: it will pick up anything larger than a squirrel, ignores birds.

Bottom line….for the $50 less I’d stick with the older 2.1 or 3.1 MP units and get more than one. Use the left over money to buy batteries and memory.
16 GB is not enough memory but SD cards are dirt cheap if you keep an eye peeled.

BTW, this company now has a unit that is infrared capable and has a shutter that is supposedly more sensitive to movement. I believe this may be the 1st year they have it out. If it pans out and I see some good reviews I might consider spending the extra $$$ for one in a year or two. Obviously the infrared system would make if difficult for someone to see the thing at night and come steal it.

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