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Ruger M77 II 7mm-08

I have no idea about this rifle. I was stuck between three guns. I went to Walmart and the prices changed for the worse. 2 months ago the Remington 700 SPS was $418 and now it's $536. That is a rediculous increase which threw that out of the equation. Another was a Savage 16FCSS which also increased and is now $501. Another was the Tikka but was offered only in 25-06 caliber which wasn't so bad and there price actually dropped to $503. The last rifle that I looked at was the Ruger M77 II which had the looks in my opinion. Now I have a decision and it will be tomorrow morning (6/25/07). So I need all the opinions and advice I can get. You guys have really helped out and I thank you for your time and input. The hunt will be mostly whitetails, hog, and maybe an elk or two down the road. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Narrowed down to these-
Savage - 7mm/08 for $501
Tikka - 25/06 for $503
Ruger M77 II 7mm/08 for $502
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