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I live in Denver Colorado off of Cherry Creek. Down in the river while hunting for likely rocks and arrowhead type stuff I've come across cougar tracks about as large as my spread hand. And that's just a couple miles south of dowtown. 'course there are enough geese and ducks, and pigeons in the parks to keep several in food. Up in the mountians photographing and hiking I've come close enough to a couple to throw sticks at them. It is interesting to come up on one, and see it flicking its tail back and forth while looking at you in that belly down crouch. Really gets the blood pumping when you're only armed with a camera and a pocket knife. They are pretty prevalent in the Rocky Mountains, and seem to be spreading slowly east. I've heard stories of one or two being seen in Kansas and middle Nebraska, and if you're seeing one or two, there's more than that around.
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