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One little rug. The whole idea here is not many chippers sewn together

LMAO - OK, sorry, I misunderstood - omg, belly laugh, tears are running hee hee. Ok then, that makes a little more sense for Barbi's Malibu beach house.

I am crappin you negatory, I'm laughing harder than I have in years at our little misunderstanding here. I have to thank you for this catharsis.

Lemme just say that, about deer hunting - keep trying and you will get one. The first year I hunted deer, I got NONE despite hunting 10 of 11 straight weekends and trying like hell. Some places are much MUCH harder to hunt than others. I have been on leases where the hunting is tough going - it's thick woods and the deer are damn near impossible to pattern because there's food everywhere (acorns) and no crops. And I have hunted wide open areas (plains with only small patches of woods) where it is 100 times as easy - you just go out and pick out a deer when one appears - it's not a matter of IF, but just a matter of which deer you want, how long you want to wait for a good one, and can you make the shot. So if you don't get a deer this coming year on the same lands, then the third year find a GOOD lease that you get on or have someone take you, and you'll probably be surprised how ridiculously easy it is when the spaces are wide open and the deer plentiful.

Here's links on tanning:
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