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A Chipmunk Rug

Oh, boy, here we go...I have been shooting a lot of chipmunks in the yard with my air rifle lately, as the little critters are tunneling into my half-hand dug Yankee basement for some reason. The winter was icy and cold but damn if there aren't more this year than last. My norm is to toss the dead to the end of the road and the crows come for 'em. I'm fair sure someone will slam me for this.

Anyway, a good friend and non-hunter (bear in mind that I am new to hunting animals, just last deer season here in NJ, and I consider this chipmunk business to be varmint elimination) found out about this sniping from my wife and has asked me to make him...a chipmunk rug. No kidding.

I imagine I'd just skin it out almost like a really, really small deer (he does not want the head ala a Grizzle or polar bear, thank God), scrape it good with a bit of glass or a razor, salt it and such and pin it out? No idea. Help! Anyone ever make a chipmunk rug?
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