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Oh yes, I've seen first hand what a well placed high velocity 64 grain bullet does to deer chest innerds.

FACT: The chest wall thickness of even a really big muley buck is shallow compared to elk or moose. Doesn't take a lot of bullet to knock through a rib and destroy both lungs.

FACT: Most folks can hit an apple size target at 100 yards every time using a good .223 rifle and very little coaching. Understand that this is from a concrete bench rest.

FACT: Winchester's 64 grain bullet and Nosler's 60 grain Partition hold together like good big game bullets should. Penetration is nothing short of amazing!

But I agree that bad angle shots must be avoided. Ideally, the .223 hunter takes a broadside presentation and passes all other shooting angles. For the hunter who lacks this discipline, I strongly recommend a larger cartridge such as the moderate recoil 30-30 or 44 MAG carbine.

Good hunting to you.
Fire up the grill! Deer hunting IS NOT catch and release.

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