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It's are getting ready to stir up a hornets nest conversation on hunting ethics Don't say i didn't warn you...The only down side is the lack of blood trail if you don't get an exit. If you do get an exit, the wound is very significant. The key is using the right TYPE of bullet. Most bullets manufactured in that caliber are designed for varnments, and are designed to blow into a gagillion pieces of tiney shrapnel. You don't want to use those. Use a good soft point, or federal's hpbt using Sierra Game King bullets. The jacket is thicker and should do it's job. I hunt w/ a 22-250. If you search my posts, you'll see some graphic pix of a little deer I shot this past season w/ it. granted, the 22-250 has a bit more umph behind it, but the 223 is still good.
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