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Would I shoot Bigfoot (or Swamp Apes as we call them down here) is a question that pops up alot with the boys I run with. I have thought about it also as I was packing a deer kill out of the woods close to Mt Rainer. You know when you are a Southen boy up in bigfoots stomping grounds by yourself gets a man to thinking. The answer is yes. Here is why. First it would prove if it is real. Answered, solved. It could then be put on the endangered species list. You know, like the panda was that was supposed to be a myth. We would also have a DNA sample so we could clone it one day. As for the "guy in a suit" question- If you do not have anymore greymatter than to run around in the woods ANYWHERE in a ape suit then IMO you are asking to get killed. Really, do we want folks like that around. I really believe that if I was to shoot a man in an ape suit that I would not be put in jail although I may need legal help. FirstFreedom, do you need a case? I am not saying that I believe it is real, but its a nice thought.
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