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If they really exists their would have to be a bunch of them , dont ya think over the years someone would of found a body or a skull or somthin.
This is a good point. How many must there be for the species to survive? Based on my short time in population genetics, humans, the great apes, and some of the related primates have enough DNA in common to suggest that they require approximately the same number of individuals to make a viable population. As I recall the number for humans, it was 500-600 individuals. That means that there needs to be that mean out there in a breeding population. I would find it hard to believe that there are that few spread over the entirety of North America, but maybe so.

So shouldn't a skull or something have been found? Yep. Those arguing for Bigfoots' existence will argue that their bones have been destroyed by other animals and that you don't often find bones out in the woods. Of course, that does not make sense. Bones are readily found in the woods or the wilds.

Strangely, while folks have reported hitting bigfoots with cars and trucks, the bigfoots never die on scene or in the immediate area. Hunters claim to have shot the animal, but they never seem to be able to actually drop one.

Sure, Native Americans have reported them across the country. Most Native Americans also have polytheistic religions and attribute spirits to things that many of the rest of us do not. So does that mean that trees and rocks have spirits as well if we then put the same attribution into the notion that they put into Bigfoot and that some of us accept as evidence of its existence?

Personally, I am a big fan of the Bigfoot debate. I even own a plaster cast of a female Bigfoot print collected by Grover Krantz and signed by him (I purchased when he was selling off his collection just before he died).

I have to agree with Grover Krantz, until we have a body (alive or dead), I am hesitant to believe they are real. People see things all the time in the woods and wilds, Bigfoot, UFOs, space aliens, spook lights (I am near Marfa, Texas right now), etc. Just because you don't know what something is does not mean it is some sort of unproven entity. It doesn't mean it isn't, but it is more likely to be something simply misunderstood than some sort of creature like a Bigfoot.
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