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For the record, I don't think I would shoot it either, but...

if bigfoot is real, it may have lived this long by killing all that may have ran into it
This thought also occurred to me, boltgun.

Playboy, if one specimen were to be taken to prove the existance of the species, I seriously doubt that hunting them would become a sport for trophy hunters. They would probably be given intense protection under game laws of many colors to preserve the rarest of critters. You would kind of be doing them a favor.

Besides, a sasquach rug would be butt-ugly and no fun at all to lay upon by the fireplace so the comparison to polar bear is not really valid. They don't have tusks either as far as I know so it would not be a source of fine pistol grips. I think bigfoot would not be of much interest to harvesters of nature's treasures.
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