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The Stupidest thing ive done that i can recall

This morning i was driving over to another house inbetween cattle propertys and having my gun in the passenger seat as i usually do... nothing out of the ordinary. Then i see a mob of pigs and i havent shot any pigs for a couple of weeks so im getting pretty excited. they're in an open paddock and i have about 200yards before they're out of sight into the next paddock which is thick scrub... perfect for out of the ute shooting.
Its winter here and i had the windows wound up so i frantically wind the window down, the pigs are running their little butts off to get in that scrub so i jam on the brakes, rifle out the window.. BANG! 1 pig down, BANG! 2 pigs down, BANG SMASH GLASS IN MY EYES AHH -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-(and i missed the pig!!!). In the split second i had one hundred things going through my mind as to what had happened.. Can anyone guess?

It was all for a couple of louzy small pigs
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