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I believe what Exar is referring to, about violating a persons liberties, is the fact that it is perfectly legal to intoxicate oneself with alcohol, yet at one time it wasn't. Prohibition wasn't a very good policy and it led to gangsters and the creation of the bootlegging. The problem that many see in the war on drugs is that unless they are actually harming another person, as many drunks do, is that the government acts as if it owns a person's body and has the right to dictate to them what drugs are legal and those which are not. Interestingly many prescription drugs, that are legal, destroy people just a effectively as those others that are considered illegal. The way to end drug usage is to treat it as a medical and psychological problem. People that use these drugs and operate machinery and move about in public should be arrested just as any drunk would.

Vostracker your instincts about Exar may in fact be correct. Then again you would might be inclined to think the same about me, as my statements do not coincide with yours about drugs. I can tell you that I do not do any drugs period, nor do I drink alcohol. I believe that there are many weak people who include many law enforcement officers that are drinkers, in addition to soldiers. The reason that they do this is because they are unable to cope with their psychological problems, which are in general created by their choice of employment.

Self medicating has gone on long before the US ever existed. Don't get me wrong, these meth users need to be put away, since their activities are hazardous to entire communities. The potential for a residence to detonate from cooking that garbage is definitely a factor. Yes they tend to be violent folks as well and should go to jail for their actions, not for the drug that they are using. Too many people today invest their efforts in actions that are futile at best and risk a dictatorial police state at worst.

This approach to the drug problem in our country isn't very effective. The war on drugs only creates new age gangsters, who accept the risk in order to profit quickly, just as prohibition did. Self control is the key to many problems. Sadly people would rather blame and control others as opposed to themselves. All of these irresponsible people, both police and citizen, need to discipline themselves and toughen up. Quit drinking, drugging, and acting as if they are bully's with a right to control personal actions of others that do not endanger the general public. Ending the war on drugs will go a long way in helping public relations with the populace, instead of sneaking around, kicking in doors, confiscating(stealing) personal property, and disrespecting a person's right to be safe in their papers, person and effects. Treat their weakness just as drunks are treated, it is that simple.

The meth heads need to but put away, as they are not likely to be cured of their problems, due to extensive brain damage. Quite frankly, I find many of the things that others do to be stupid. There is no law against being stupid. The line is crossed when you harm others to obtain the means to support a retarded habit. When a person does this there are already laws, which are reasonable, that need enforcement. Busting rapists, murderers, counterfeiters, molesters and violent offenders is a better use of law enforcers. There is only so much money available to law enforcement, effective use of that money will get the job done. The police need the people to be on their side, today there are many more who distrust the police than appreciate them. It isn't a coincidence that this is the case. Think about it.

Thank you, Vostracker. You are one of the few are willing to operate in a dangerous environment for the good of the people. I can only hope that you see things in an objective manner, rather than a subjective manner. Peace and good will to you Sir. You are a good person, and the world can use more good people.
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