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Ranger Gunleather update

I am typing this as an apology to those that are waiting for gear.

I know that I owe some work out there, I am typing this as a way to contact those that have outstanding orders with me.

I was forced to close my business after a potential investor backed out of the deal and left me with supllier debts that are still being satisfied at this time.
Attempts to find another investor have failed so I am working a lot of overtime to cover the expenses left from the business.

I am not going back into business but I wish to fullfil all outstanding orders, please contact me at [email protected] if you have an order outstanding. I am currently working on making holsters to fill those orders at this moment.

Please cross post this on CCW forum, Sig Forum, and other pistol related sites so that anyone can contact me.

I do not have a firm delivery date established but wish to settle this matter.

Again I apologize for the delays.
Greg Dunn
Ranger Gunleather

Handcrafted concealment leather for the working man
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