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As stated above, the alcohol can be got through a pharmacy. I used to special order it in gallon jugs for cleaning circuit boards before the water soluble soldering flux came along.

Back when rolling cases on a pad was the standard method of applying case lube, I learned, like most people, you could just use the orginal STP oil additive to save on the cost of the expensive specially packaged case lubes. $1.50 in the blue 15 oz. bottle at Wally World. For spraying, I suppose you could thin it with alcohol, but alcohol picks up moisture. I would try oderless mineral sprits, and avoid the alcohol fumes altogether. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to say I have not actually tried spraying it myself.

P.S. I went back and looked at Father Frog's site recipe. It mentions STP at the bottom. I have no clue about the relative immunity of primers or their lack of it to STP, which seems to be an advertised feature of the lanolin. I have always tumbled lube off cases with plain corncob.

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