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Home Made Sizing Lube

this is a good recipie, but i think i made it better

buy 32 ounces of 99% isopropyll alcohol, i bought two 16 oz. and one bottle of 100% PURE Lanolin oil, fill a two quart sauce pan half full of water, bring to a near boil, if your alcohol and oil have a foil seal pin punch a small hole in them to release any pressure build up from heating, swirl the oil and alcohol in the hot water till the temp. is about 120 degrees F., pour one bottle of warm alcohol in a quart jar or bottle, pour in the oil, cap and shake vigoursly a few seconds, rinse out the oil bottle with the remaining alcohol, ad more alcohol till the quart bottle is full, cap and shake vigoursly a few seconds and BINGO !!! you have the best resizing lube money can buy !! and it will damn near last a life time, pour the lube in a spray bottle capable of a fine mist and have fun reloading !!
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