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Vostracker, You're right on with all your statements, and I have appreciated them. I worked on the rehab end of it for 10 years, and agree the meth addict is one of the most dangerous I've ever encountered. The sad part is many meth addicts cannot or will not handle the residual years of depression that usually accompanies clean time. Its the chemical result of a brain constantly on overdrive, and the serotonin mechanism becomes permanently "broke." Also the brain cannot use higher function pathways, and the ability to learn new things, ie a job is often impaired, depending on how long the person was using. Its a sad cascade of negative cognitive sequeli. We are all affected by this problem. Using the term dysfunctional is insulting and degrading, as it labels everyone in the family as "less than." Many a father and grandparent are raising the children of meth addicts. God bless them.Unfortunately rehab for the meth addict is tenuous at best and studies show an extremely high recidividism. After years of frustrating, dangerous work with meth addicts, I can only say, that jail time in many instances is more theraputic than rehab has been shown to be. Thank you for being on the front lines. You are one of my heroes.
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