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substandard search function

What is the deal with the search function on this website? It really stinks! I’m trying to find all threads that deal with 1911 style handguns that are chambered in 9mm. So, in the search field I type “9mm 1911”. It finds all threads that mention “9mm” or “1911”, which is of no help at all. How should I word my search if I’m looking for threads about 1911 style pistols chambered in 9mm?

Another reason that I bring this up is because often you see a situation on this site where someone will ask a question and somebody will respond with “look it up with the search function”. I’m sure that most people DO try to look up the question with the search function, but have little success. So my suggestion is that you first try to look it up yourself before you respond with “look it up with the search function”. And if you find it, post the link(s) instead of just saying “look it up with the search function”.
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