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Narc Anon

Hey Derby you still there? : Thought I'd let you know that I went with my son to a Narc Anon meeting for moral support. I have to tell ya I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but it's not the first time and I was doing this for my son. Most of the people there I knew from either investigations I'd done on them or I had arrested. A couple were civil and cordial, but the rest just gave me the ol hate stare. Well, I did my part and participated with him in the meeting. POINT IS, that after the meeting was over the head dude asked my son if he would not bring me back as it made the others uncomfortable. No problem for me, but I thought that was kind of sad for my son. He was very proud of me that I would get out of my comfort zone to help him. Now his uncle goes with him.

Tried it your way. Wasnt shown much respect if you ask me. So much for open mindedness.
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