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I doubt that you can avoid the "tried that one" drawer full of holsters. I thought I could - wrong! IWB is the only way I carry - one of three guns, depending on the weather and what is suitable clothing but most of the time a Taurus Stellar Tracker .45 ACP revolver.

I tried a number of "almost O.K." holsters before I found what for me is the ideal one - Milt Sparks Watch 6 - the Crossbreed is a close second and I bought it first thinking I could save some $$. I also like what K & D offers so I have two or three from Kevin.

I even have a number of belts from different makers - little difference between them and, except for the 7/8 inch hole spacing (as opposed to 1 inch), they all work well.

IWB requires finding the "sweet spot" to carry in; a quality belt with 7/8 inch hole spacing (so that you can adjust the belt - "just right") and a holster that does not allow the weapon to poke into your body.

I like jeans and a print shirt worn untucked and that works for me. On those rare occasions where I have to dress up I often wear an under the shirt "deep cover" holster and leave a button (hidden by the tie) open.

I wish I could tell you otherwise, but I suspect that a drawer for holsters that did not quite work is standard operating procedure.

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