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I just thought I'd give this thread a bump, hopefully there has been some more experience with these sights that could give us insight to how they work in the real world, I certainly find the idea interesting and would be interested hearing about testing in the field.

I have no taste for crow, nor do I feel entitled to a helping. This was the one online review I found, but not everything exists on the internet. I have absolutely no problems trusting James Yeager. Him refusing to try the sights is completely inconsequential as I, for one, do not need to eat poop to know what it tastes like

If you had 100 people line up to be fed a teaspoon of poop I am betting all of them would agree that it actually tastes like poop, I'd read reviews by many people who like these sights. If people were being fed poop why would they say it tastes like ice cream?

The sight makes no sense, and answers a question not asked. What benefit it serves at extreme close range, if any, is far offset by the detraction from intermediate to long range accuracy

Why, necessarily, would these sight be worse at range than notch and post sights? These have a smaller aim point which would therefore be more precise, and the rest is a matter of maintaining a shape while shooting: with these it's a triangle and with the notch and posts it's a rectangle.

If this is your cup of tea, then fine, but I have no need for a "square wheel."

The opinion would have vastly more weight if you actually tried the product in question.
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