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shooting on steel

The last match I shot was all steel, mostly U.S. Poppers (a USPSA sanctioned 2/3rds scale "pepper popper" steel target) with a few full size pepper poppers thrown in. There were 25 different targets engaged from four different firing positions, about 6 of the targets partially shielded by "no shoot" targets, which were full size "pepper popper" targets painted red.

Having the whole match on steel made it very quick to score. What shooting position you employed depended upon which firing point you were at. The first required shooting from a sitting position through a port, the second required shooting from around both sides of a high barricade, the third required firing from kneeling and prone, and the fourth required shooting from around both sides of a low barricade. You had to move laterally left-to-right or right-to-left as you engaged the targets.

So anyway, what did I learn?

(1.) I really love shooting on steel.
(2.) Trigger control is critical.
(3.) Follow-through is critical.
(4.) When shooting on steel, establishing a good rhythm is critical. Just keep engaging the targets without waiting to watch for them to fall, and then clean up any remaining targets in that array before moving to the next firing position.
(5.) The hurrier you go, the behinder you get . . .
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