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Choosing A Holster: Details.

I want to avoid the dreaded drawer of mistakes I've read about on several websites. I've read quite a few holster sites, threads, and articles over the past month which has helped narrow down some of my holster choices. I am now in need of some detailed holster information regarding my first purchase for a Walther P99. For conceal reasons I want to try an IWB first. I have a couple of questions and am looking for input. I am really interested in specifically why you did or did not like a holster. I have information about brands, companies, or makers. I want to know:

What are the details that make a good IWB holster comfortable to wear?

What details make a holster miserable to wear?

What functions do you want and like?

What functions do you not like?

What is your idea of the perfect marriage a holster's details?

What custom details are our favorites and why.

Please don't limit comments to the Walther.

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