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Gary Brommeland
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Here's where things started to go south with Bob K. :

His email to me:

From: bob k
To: [email protected]
Sent: 3/29/07 11:29:54 PM
Subject: RE: Holster

Gary, Remy, I need a refund please. I have waited long enough.

First payment of $91.95 Oct 19 2006

Second payment of $84.95 Jan 29 2007

Total $176.90

Paypal ID: [email protected]

Thank you, Bob

My Reply:

Hi Bob,
We'll be happy to refund your money. I need to transfer some money into my PayPal account, so it won't happen for a few days. Thank you.
Gary Brommeland
Brommeland Gunleather
P. O. Box 813, Sneedville, TN 37869

His response:

How many days do we need? Sure the bank was closed Sunday. But you still had Friday, Saturday, and today.

I don't know whats going on and I don't really care. You made promises you could'nt keep. I also have two friends with pending orders from you. The three of us have been givin three different reasons why you have'nt delivered on time. So something fishy is going on or your having a real bad string of luck recently. I was patient, nice, and understanding. I waited much longer than I should of. I will not play the waiting game for my money. I need to buy a holster soon. Pay me now and lets move on.

I never complained about you in public or internet forums. So far things have been nice and cordial. Let's keep it that way.

Thanks, Bob

My Reply:

We can keep things as cordial as you will allow. There's nothing "fishy" going on here, and screw you for saying so. Your money will be refunded as soon as a deposit posts to the PayPal account. That takes about three-five BUSINESS days.

His response:

YOU said a "FEW" days!! Five days is NOT a few days.

No, we will keep this as cordial as YOU allow. I could paste your name all over the internet as someone to avoid but I choose not to do so and take a more mature approach to this.

YOU said 8 weeks initially!! Not me! It's been a hell of a lot more than 8 weeks.

So i pissed you off did I? Welcome to what I've put up with from you.

My reply:

Kiss my ass.

Here's the documentation regarding his refund (it occurred 4/5/07, but the PayPal confirmation did not give a date):

Dear Gary Brommeland,

This email confirms that robert knueppel has accepted the $176.90 USD you sent.

Payment Details

Amount: $176.90 USD
Transaction ID: 8VX58051U83156615
Subject: refund
Note: Here's your refund. If you wish to rant and rave further, then do so to PayPal. I do not set their policies.

After receiving his refund, here's another one from ole Big Mouth Bob:

That's the best you got? Go ahead, keep up with insults. I'll do my best to ruin your pathetic business by posting your name anywhere and everywhere. Starting with Combat Carry. Google your name and see how many negative comments there are about you.
By the way, thanks for the refund. Now you can kiss my ass!

My point in posting these emails is simply this : Bob keeps making these wild assertions regarding my having "screwed" him, or some such bull****. These emails show clearly that his money was refunded promptly, and anyone with even a smattering of business knowledge knows that banks operate on "business days", not calendar days. From my viewpoint, he has demonstrated that he is simply very insecure and thought that he might get screwed, so he started a little pissing contest. Once proved wrong by getting his refund, he is not man enough to admit it and let it all go. Instead, by his own admission he is acting immaturely by his attempts at a smear campaign.

The other point I'd like to make is that I was polite and professional up to the point in which he started threatening to smear my name on the 'Net. My rules are simple, if you threaten me, or if you get rude with me - all bets are off and you will get back exactly what you give. If you're professional and well mannered, you'll get professional and well mannered. If you act like an a$$hole, I can mix it up with the best of 'em.
There never was any hint whatsoever that he would be defrauded of a single cent, and he got the refund that he demanded, and got it in four business days.

Now, to the rest of my "Internet Jurors", I'd like for you to learn the entire story before shooting your mouths off about stuff that you have little or no firsthand knowledge of.
And, If you happen to be a person of Bob's character, I would think that you would be doing both of us a favor by buying your holsters somewhere else. So please, save the "I'm never going to buy a holster from this guy!" speech. If you haven't bought one in the past 23 years, you've proven two things: First, that you probably never would buy one of my holsters anyway. And Secondly, that I can get along just fine if you don't.
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