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Also, 70 hour work weeks and working for a net loss are YOUR problem! All you had to do was be honest. But you did not.

HONOR you orders!? There is'nt an honorable bone in your body. Otherwise people would'nt be getting lied to and having to wait over a year for a stinkin holster. This is'nt about your logistical problems or whatever lame excuse you may have. It's not about waiting for a high quality holster. It's about how YOU treat people and YOUR obvious lack of planning and inability to run your business the right way. As a result, you resort to lieing to new customers to keep the money rolling in. Just like you did to me.

No. You showed up here to try and discredit a few of us. In two posts you have managed to discredit yourself instead.

Fight? Like I said, humor me some more. The fights over and you lost. Your just too stupid to know it.
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