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Gary, I have talked to at least 20 people online and face to face about your crappy customer service. They all confirm what I've said about you. Who knows how many more there are that are still waiting and have not spoken up. It is you who is a liar. That has already been proven time and again. You cite lame excuses for your dishonesty and lack of integrity.

I never picked a fight and was never rude. You got pissed when I asked for a refund. Yes, you make an excellent holster. But that does'nt give you the right to treat people like crap.

I frequent several forums and your name has been trashed several times for many reasons. So it's not just a select few who have spoken up about your lack of service.

Remember? 8-10 weeks? Almost 30 freakin weeks later and I FINALLY got something out of you. Too bad in was a refund instead of a holster. Your business practices will one day be your undoing.

A fight? Please! Humor me some more. Just go away to that other forum that you run like a nazi. I'll still be here telling the truth about you.
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