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I learned that you can shoot too accurately. I shot my first match this weekend, and got penalized twice for having groups that were too tight. Don't get me wrong, I was way too slow anyway, but I was a little annoyed when every shot went into the A zone at all three targets (25 yards, 50 feet, 21 feet) except for, according to the scorer, I totally missed the closest target with one shot, even though the rest of the group was about the size of a small tangerine. Even the owner of the shop pointed out that one of the shots appeared enlarged. On the third stage I actually purposely shot looser! I got a few "c" points on that one!

OTOH, it was nice to see the ol HK P2000 shooting nice tight groups against a bunch of competition guns with longlides and target triggers!

Anyway, I learned that I must be much faster. So I ordered a Pact Timer tonight. I will be hell on em' next time!
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