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Gary Brommeland
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You too are a liar, in my opinion. I offered to upgrade you to a holster costing twice as much for no additional charge because of the delays. You responded by calling me a thief. If you had acted like a gentleman, you would have been treated as such. Instead, you insulted me and called me a thief.

On what freakin' planet do you think it is OK to go around slinging such accusations? If you wanted a refund, all you had to do was ask. This is what prompted me to share my true feelings about you.

What you (and Bob) fail to realize is that if you pick a fight with me, you're gonna get one. If you had acted like a civilized human being and simply asked for a refund, you would have been sent one without my calling you "A pompous, self important ass" and telling you to plant your lips upon my anus. But again, if you want a fight, you'll get one. You asked for it, and you got it.
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