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Bob K;

You sir, are in my opinion a liar. How did you "get screwed"? You asked for a refund, and you got one 4 BUSINESS days later. This constitutes a "screwing" to you?

To the rest of you, here's the deal: We had supply problems that have resulted in hugely excessive delays that are entirely beyond anything that I can control. And yes, we are at least 6 months behind schedule in our deliveries. However, every single customer who has enquired about their order status has been advised of these circumstances. Everyone who has asked for a refund has been issued one. However, the simple fact remains that I cannot make holsters without leather, and for about 6 months we simply could not get the material that we need. I could have made POS holsters, and in retrospect this would have been a wiser move from a purely business perspective. However, that's not what we do here. We do quality work - nothing less. I can see from this thread that my committment to my customers has been richly rewarded.

If a customer wants a refund, ask and you'll get a refund. If a customer wants their order, they'll get said order as soon as it is possible to deliver. If a customer conducts themselves as a civilized human being, I will respond to them accordingly. If a customer acts like a complete ******* (Bob), you'll be treated in kind.

I have worked at a net loss for nearly a year in order to fill these orders. This has been a year of 70 hour weeks and I have put my heart and soul into trying to give the best service humanly possible under the circumstances. I have no monetary incentive to do so - this is simply a matter of integrity. If I was the scumbag that some of these loudmouth anal orifices contend, I would have simply filed bankruptcy and said adios to all of my obligations. However, I refuse to even consider doing such a thing. Instead, I am honoring EVERY SINGLE order - either by filling it or by issuing a refund. Why the Hell would I do that if my intentions were anything but honorable?

Internet experts can sit on their asses and shoot their mouths off all they want, but none of you accurately portrayed the circumstances of your "Brommeland Experience", and quite frankly I no longer care what any of you think.

I will continue to make the very best holsters humanly possible and deliver them as soon as I possibly can. For those who want to wait, I'll make sure you get exactly what you paid for. For those who do not want to wait, politely asking for a refund will result in a refund. However, I am sick and tired being the focalpoint of a bunch of malcontent bitches - ordering a holster from me does not give you ownership of me, and I am sick and tired of people acting as though they own me. They DO NOT!
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