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Brommeland holsters

I've been waiting a year for a Brommeland holster. I too have had promises made by Gary Brommeland regarding when my holster would be arriving. It has all apparently been lies. Although I've always been polite in the past while making several different attempts to find out what was going on, I finally sent him a very pointed note asking for my money back. He sent one of the nastiest replies I've ever received from anyone. Name-calling and the whole nine yards.
This guy is a first class nut case and I would not recommend him to my worst enemy. I've actually purchased two holsters from him in the past and they were very well made. But he's not reliable as a business man and obviously can't deal properly with customers. As some others have mentioned in this thread, he took my money when I placed the order a year ago and has kept it since then. So beware.
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